Ultra Targeted In-Market Leads

Our system allows us to learn the name, email, company, and In-the-Market behavior of prospects in the buyer’s journey!

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In-Market Targeted Advertising Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before. 

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Trusted by the world’s most innovative companies

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Slavens & Associates
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How Does Our System Work?

Behavior Tracking

We track over 2 billion URL’s and 40 billion behaviours EVERY DAY! We know who’s looking for YOU.

We Know Before Anyone

Know when a prospect starts the buyer’s journey BEFORE a competitor. Know where they are in their buyer’s journey at all times

Attract Your Ideal Consumer

Match marketing message to buyer’s journey behavior

No Cookies, Just Graphs

What happens when someone turns off cookie tracking? NOTHING! Our behaviors are tracked through an identity graph, allowing us to target anyone and EVERYONE.

About Command & Conquer

At Command & Conquer, we use social media to create real results for our clients, by optimizing your advertising and delivering the best ROI possible, guaranteed. Our method is unique and allows to drive more traffic to your business. We utilize In-Market behavioural targeting, allowing you to convert those leads into customers and exponentially increase your revenue.

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